Founded in 2012, the Rust Belt Revival Trail Coalition (RBRTC) is Youngstown's Mountain Bike Club and Official IMBA Chapter. We are a group of mountain bike riders that are advocating for trail development in the Youngstown area. We have several projects in development across Trumbull and Mahoning county with more to come in the future. We successfully integrated with IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) and have hit the ground rolling!!!


To preserve, protect, and promote mountain bike access and diverse riding opportunities in the steel valley through education, communication, unified action and transformation.


We believe that educated property managers as well as land owners are more likely to support mountain bike access, and educated mountain bikers are more likely to be viewed as deserving access. Our riding experience depends on environmentally responsible trail stewardship and respectful interaction with wildlife and other user groups. We will promote environmentally sensitive practices in trail building, trail maintenance and trail usage. We will plan and present viable land management options, which preserve mountain bike access.


Mountain biking deserves its place in and around the Mahoning valley. We as off-road cyclists deserve our place at the table when land management is being discussed. We must act professionally and respectfully, as well as work with other user groups, in order to promote our views and vision with land owners.

Unified Action

There is strength in our numbers. Mountain bikers have real political and economic power and deserve to be an equal partner when the future of our public land is negotiated. We believe in a unified response to access challenges. We believe in a proactive approach to formulate mountain bike friendly management proposals.

What will RBRTC do?

RBRTC will work tirelessly to unify mountain bikers in the valley as well as the outlying areas in an effort to better maintain and utilize all of our outdoor venues and opportunities. Our website will provide a constant stream of information and planning projects with which we hope to expand our local and regional trail networks. RBR will engage in positive public relations and practices to promote the clean, healthy benefits of cycling both on and off-road. We will negotiate with landowners and managers to represent the common interests of our club members and the cycling public. We will provide a venue for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike to gather and help promote the outdoor pursuits. RBRTC will identify the needs of our local and regional trails and work together to organize crews to expand, improve and protect them. RBRTC will work directly with local communities to identify the possibilities and benefits of riding opportunities in their area.